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 ALL PATHS OF THE CRAFT is still Young, Fresh and Unfolding, with Massive Potential an even Greater Vision and Purpose. Here are some promising site features to get you started~

Members Block~ Create a Profile & Showcase your Eclectic Style. Set up a FREE Member Page! Promote Your Services, Crafts, and Occult Knowledge, From Generations of Passed down Family Traditions, Old World Practices, Crystals & Healing, Botanicals, Oils & Alchemy, Astrology & Divination, Meditation, Yoga, Celestiel Guidence, Energy Healing to Craft Work. Build a following of those intrigued by your style. Design a blog page and post your original work. Keep a private account page to keep track of everything, and so much more....



Build a Link to Connect Your Spiritual Knowledge, Wisdom, and Wonder. Providing a network of resources, for those spiritually awakened & like-minded.

 Shine a light on Your Unique Practices, Spiritual Path, or Your Cultural Occult Traditions.

I Welcome You to Craft Your Path with as we share in each & every journey of enlightenment!

~Be It Shall 


Spiritual life coach

Your Spiritual Life Coach 

Will Be A Connection That

You Will Cherish All Your Life. 

Image by David Boca

DIVINERS & Advisors

divination readings such as,

zodiac, Natal & astrological placements, tarot & oracle, Ancient gematria, numerology  

angel guides, bones & runes, flame magick, aura & energy field readings, spirit medium, dream walking, +



Custom Tailored made crafts, blessings & rituals 

Request a free consultation!



you can submit up to (11) symbols.* send your Symbols: Contact via: 
let's chat: button (or)/ email: /(or) text: 857-247-3283    


CMJ.MOM01<3       RIP.Rook                *Ms.Patti.T
TKM.DAD93<3        JeanieBiggs        *David.B*
JD.PAPA21<3           Janet.TRAP           DianaCremin
MANIYAH<3            Baby*David         *Mrs.Elcock
KYLEE*LONIE           Nicole.TRAP         *JonnyBreen
Lil.HARMONY         Chris.Tilton            Jimmy.Kehoe
HD.042293<3         *Ms.Jenny.S           RIP.Tinsel
AuntieBetty           RFreemanRIP         B.Marshell
BIG.ED.W<3             CHICKIE.M<3           BrianBotelo
MR.LeROY<3           Kelly.Vye<3             *SherryV*
MRS.DS&DS<3       *Kelly&Pat*             Andrea.D
MaryShea<3        *Wendy.Vye            Rose.Lynch
UNCLE.ED.<3           *Ann.Vye*                RIP.Stud<3
LOLA.JUST<3           Chicky.Vye             *Melanie*
SteveJUST<3          *Gay.Dave*             *Patty&Bill
MR.MIKE.P<3            *Brian.S<3                Uncle.Grant
PAPA.AL.D<3           *Honey.S*                SandyShanks
MR.NICK.L<3            *Shawn.S*               RIP*Hendo
DANNY.P<3               Keith.CTown          Danielle<3
NIKI.MUSE<3             JoyceComeau      RIP.BrendaG
Mo.MoHoney          M.MaCDONALD      *DOMINGO*
RIP.DONNA.O            *Sunny.W<3             <3CHICO<3
CharliePike                RIP.JackieG         * RichiePapa
MS.SUSAN.C              Ms.Linda.S
Billy&Bobby              J.MaCDONALD
RIP.J.TRANT                RIP*MS.LILY
Ms.Nicole.F               *JohnnyMack


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Thanks for subscribing!




Enjoying Outdoor

15% Off All Items

     Dharmadina, Ms.SHAZY

Join Our Vision

 Do You Have a Unique Spiritual Style?

Become a 

*Special Guest* 

Featured on

WE Respect All Walks of Spirituality

 New Idea's & Talent's 

from NewAge, Metaphysical, & Occult Traditions +

Promote Your Talents, Wisdom and Skills!


Welcome on Board!!

Pastries - $4

Butter Croissant - $2.5

Coffee/Tea - $1

Fresh Juice - $2

Hello, I am Ms.Domianah, I will be your family's Advisor, Instructor, and Guide as you walk the path of the A.F.E Program.

I'm proud to say I've crafted the following Lessons and I thank you for allowing me to share them with you and your family.

This program is designed for the family unit. As your family progresses through the lesson's together you will have gained the tools and wisdom of a spiritually bonded unit of one.

Strengthening your spiritual connection with the divine universe, and to one another. Thank You ~ Ms.Domianah

A Family Enchantment

"Quote from A.F.E Program"

Reaching Out to the Sun

  The exercise in 'The Key' {pt1} was a simple way of getting our thought's in line with the feelings of being fresh, clean, and empowered. Vibrating the flow of energy in a new direction towards success. The next step is to seed our mind to think on the path of positive thought. We will start by grounding ourselves into all that is pure, positive, and warm. We close our eyes an begin to lift our face to the energizing rays of the Sun.

   "Quote from "Visualize {pt2}{"


Our Community is a Growing Hub for Spiritual Seekers from All Paths. Healers, Diviners, Empaths, Alchemists, Spiritualists, Astrologists, Advisors, High Priestess' Priests, Psychics, Lightworkers, Dream Walkers, Witches, Mystics, Mediums, and Masters! 

      Showcase Your Eclectic Style.

Yellow Fire Lanterns





Our Vision for the Future~


    Projects in the Works~ 

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